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Writing with Pen


See what participants are saying about our Music for the Inner-Self program.

"An opportunity not to miss.  World Class pianist performing for a small group.  Excellent chance to feel and reflect."

It's soothing & incites feelings/reflections.  Song choice
was spot on--"I'll be Home for Christmas", "Danny Boy."

Very Worthwhile to attend. Many additional aspects of recovery to comeout of music.

"A wonderful experience. This is an opportunity for relaxation and introspection.  The music is calming, but causes (or otherwise phrased) allows you to go places emotionally and mentally that are unkknown to the conscious mind."       "The music is a conduit for emotion which gives us something to contemplate."

"Very thoughtful music. The music itself, but the discussion was very enlightening.  It brings so many different emotions."

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